Ways To Watch Gospel Channel TV

SATELLITE TV ( If you are in Africa & You have a Satellite Dish Installed and a decoder - you can watch Gospel Channel TV from almost any decoder that can receive our settings. All DSTV decoders can access Gospel Channel TV except for the PVR ( We will keep you updated should there be any new developments - Give us a call or drop us an email / sms , should you need assistance in locating the Channel & we will happily call you back and assist you. )

SETTINGS FOR DSTV Decoders ( Use these Codes Also for any other decoder ) :

Follow These Settings To View Gospel Channel TV 
Please note these instructions do not work on PVR decoders. (we will keep you updated or send us a message here and we will reply soon.)
Press the BLUE DSTV button on your remote.
Go to Settings
Go to Satellite Settings > Additional Settings – press OK.
Make sure the following codes are all the same on Network 2:
Enable Network: Yes
Use NIT: Yes
Frequency: 26657
Modulation: DVB-S or QPSK
Symbol Rate: 12682
FEC: 2/3 or 3/4
Polarisation: Horizontal
Satellite : IS20 68.5 Degrees East
Go to Scan This – press OK.
Once scanning is complete press the BLUE DSTV button.
Go to Planner
TV Guide > All Channels – press OK.
SCROLL DOWN TO FIND Gospel Channel TV – press OK

You can also watch Gospel Channel TV on youtube.